Sensitive Santa

This is a wonderful event that I thought I could share with the public. If you know anyone who has an autistic child and would like to participate in something like this, please pass this along.


Autism Manitoba along with Polo Park Shopping Centre is pleased to announce a very special event for young and old this Christmas season.

In order to give our children, young and old,  the opportunity to have their picture taken with Santa on their own or with their siblings we are pleased to present Winnipeg’s first SENSITIVE SANTA  event.

Most malls, with its bright lights, crowds, music, bell ringers, racing children and big loud Santa’s, make it almost impossible for families with children living with ASD to visit during regular mall hours at any time during the holiday season.

Working with the wonderful and understanding staff at Polo Park we have arranged to open the mall early on Sunday, December 4th just for our kids (young and old) and their families. There will be Christmas activities and Santa in a sensory friendly environment.

SENSITIVE SANTA will be briefed on sensory and other issues he may encounter.

There will be no shoppers, no loud noises, no jingling bells or loud music. Three time slots are available and children can colour, explore etc. while they wait for their turn with Santa.

Parents will be given a number and a form to fill out with the child’s name, 3 things he or she would like for Christmas, and anything else parents want Sensitive Santa to know. The wait is brief.

If a child prefers not to sit on Santa’s lap, he/she may sit next to him. There is even a chair for Mom or Dad to sit close to Santa to help out if needed.

The event is free but pre-registration by November 28th is mandatory in order to gain entry into the mall and visit Santa.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 4, 2011   Polo Park Shopping Centre Winnipeg

Time slot preferred, not guaranteed

9am – 10am                                         10 am – 11 am                                    11 am – 12:pm noon


For more information or to register your family please contact  or call 783-9563

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea! I am going to search in my area if we do a sensitive Santa… if not, perhaps we can start one!! 🙂

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