What Happened at “Keep Ringing The Bell” (Meet Me @ The Bell Tower – Dec 16/11)

On Friday Dec 16, 2011, the North End Bell Tower rung once more to send the message we will stand as a community to stop the violence. In the face of a rough week that saw several young people involved in violent acts, 25 North Enders, including elected political representatives Kevin Chief and Kevin Lameroux, stood together.

The evening began with both Kevin’s ringing the Bell Tower to signify the beginning of our meeting. We then had a small discussion about the night’s activities. MC announced that we were NOT going to be having an after party at the Indian Family Centre tonight. The reason was last week, after or during our Bell Tower event, toys and children’s books were stolen from the Indian Family Centre. This is not acceptable and we as AYO and committed North End Bell Tower rallyers will not stand for it.

After those words, we made a presentation to Indian Family Centre and Kale Bonham as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

It was decided that the large Bell Tower event’s for the year 2011 were over and we would gather again on January 6th 2011 for the next Meet Me @ The Bell Tower Event “Stay Fresh”.

Some people still brought refreshments, Mary Lou brought some Egg Nog, and Tony Niiganii popped in to show his support. Much respect to him, Ko’ona and Nona for their leadership last week! MC, Willow and Ko’ona will still meet at the Bell Tower on Fridays to ring our Bell so the community doesn’t forget that we are here and that 250 North Enders came together to send a message WE WIL STOP THIS VIOLENCE.

If you are interested in participating in planning our Next Bell Tower event STAY FRESH come to Paressa Restaurant (formerly Flipside Grill) at 617 Selkirk Avenue on Wednesday December 28th 2011 at 5pm.

Be safe and look out for each other!

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