Back to School

It’s that time of the year folks! Tomorrow is the first day back to school for all kids in the Winnipeg School Division. With the beginning of the school year Winnipeg drivers will once again have to keep their eyes peeled for school kids possibly darting out into traffic from between parked cars; you will also have to watch out for school patrols.

Please ensure the utmost safety for the kids. Give yourself ample time to get to work so you are not rushing. Parents, go over street/crossing safety rules with your children to ensure they are crossing the street at the appropriate crossings and following the school patrol rules. We want their first day to be memorable and safe.

Here are more wonderful back to school tips to make the first day effortless:

Lay out clothes the night before. Kids can be indecisive when it comes to what they’re wearing, but having their clothes laid of the night before or have an entire wardrobe picked out and labeled for the remainder of the week. It saves them from standing blankly in front of the closet.

Prepare school lunches the day before. If you do it for yourself for work, why not do the same for your kids for school? Most school lunch programs do not have the resources to heat lunches so ensure it’s an easy, and healthy, meal. Ice packs are great for keeping food chilled until lunch time. Don’t forget the healthy snacks for recesses!

Instill a proper bed time. Kids need a full 8 hours of sleep to properly function the next day. While they might fight you, you’ll be happy to know when they’re doing well in school. Also make sure they’re rising at the same time every day.

Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast. Aside from a full 8 hours of sleep, kids require a healthy breakfast to get through the day. If you eat breakfast, you’re ready to work work work! Oatmeal, fresh fruit with plain yogurt and whole grain cereals will help accomplish the proper fuel for your child to have a successful day. Sugary breakfast foods will only make them crash and burn.

Leave backpack by the front door. Leaving the backpack by the front door will insure that your child won’t have to go searching for it. Also make sure all their school supplies, then subsequent assignments, are also safe in the backpack.

As you can see it’s all about being organized. Being organized will guarantee a successful first day/week of school and will become second-hand as the weeks and year goes by.

For Winnipeg School Division parents, click this link for the 2012-2013 Division calendar. Your child will also bring this home alongside the school calendar/newsletter.

Have a fun and safe first day kids! Let’s make this school year awesome!

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