North End Spotlight #2: St. John’s Library

St. John’s Library has been serving the residents of the North End since 1915 by providing us with thousands of amazing books to read, taking us to far-far away places just with the turning of a page. For providing non-stop reading and countless literacy programs, St. John’s Library is the recipient for the September/October North End Spotlight feature.

As an avid reader I read my way through all the sections at St. John’s library. I looked forward to each book due date so I could carefully scan the stacks of books: fiction, non-fiction, children, youth and adult books. The feeling of obtaining a new book to read was exhilarating and I still see that emotion in the children’s faces… the excitement of checking out a never before read book, the feeling of pages flipping between your fingers as you scan the book before reading it and then finally living in the story without having to leave your own home.

Not only does the library provide countless hours of reading, St. John’s library provides the community with literacy programs such as summer book camps, story writing workshops and skill improvement classes where you can learn how to use a computer, for example, and its software programs.

Library cards are free and this service provides important literacy skills to children who may not be able to afford purchasing new books and can afford them the opportunity to expand their reading levels/abilities. The library provides key social-economic programs to an area that faces various social-economic issues and that is why the North End Blog is proud to have St. John’s library as our Spotlight feature.

I want to thank the library and its staff for providing years of fun reading and the opportunity to expand our imaginations. By learning basic reading skills you can go anywhere…. even if it’s to Hogwarts, just for the day.

Photo source: Nilo Manalo

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