North End Spotlight: Saying Goodbye to a Legacy


It’s only appropriate that our next North End Spotlight recipient goes to a North End institution, that just happens to be closing next month. Even before the announcement was made, I knew that Kelekis’ has to be our feature for November/December.

Located in the North End for 81-years, Kelekis has been a crucial staple in keeping this area vibrant and helped us hold on to some valuable memories.

While I haven’t been there in quite some time, I still can remember the smell of the burgers sizzling away on the grill, the sound of the chairs at the counter squeaking as they moved and Mary’s voice greeting you as you entered the establishment. I could barely peek over the counter, but Mary always came out to say hello so that I could see her and she me. Another fond memory is that of her telling the stories of each famous person on her photo wall… from Trudeau and Bachman to Cummings and Candy.

It sad to see North End staples fading away, first Alycia’s and now Kelekis. The North End Blog wants to thank Mary and her family for the life-long dedication and for, as Bartley Kives (Winnipeg Free Press) simply said, being the fabric of the North End. Stop in for the shoestring fries before it closes, because no one else has them quite like this joint.

Congratulations on your retirement, Mary. You deserve it. We’ll miss you.

Kelekis Restaurant will close its doors to the public on January 30, 2013. Photo Credit: CTV Winnipeg

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