Track Santa!


Once again my friends at NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) will help boys and girls around the world track Santa on December 24th! Using their special defense technology they will give the boys and girls a chance to log onto their website ( and track Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve. This fun event helps the kids see where Santa’s been, where he’s going to and how close he’s getting to your location!

NORAD will also be intercepting the jolly man as he enters North America with two F-18 fighter jets (in Canada) and F-15, F-16 or the F-22’s (in the U.S.) to ensure a smooth trip delivering all those toys to the good boys and girls!

I personally know these wonderful men and women who help make Christmas Eve extra special for the boys and girls. They’re a great group of hard working military members who love being able to provide this service. Santa is also very happy to have them by his side providing assistance.

So on December 24, log on to their website and track Santa’s progress! It’s a ton of fun and the kiddos will really enjoy it!

You can also track his progress with their app from iTunes. Google Maps also provides a tracking service – type Santa into the address location search field.

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