North End Youth Forum March 21st

neyouthforum logoOn March 21st, from 4 – 8pm YOU can be part of having our voices heard! 

The North End Youth Forum will happen, beginning at 4pm (volunteers arrive at 3pm) we will hear from our keynote speaker Wab Kinew, have some food, entertainment but most importantly hear from YOU! The focus of the conference will be to get some feedback from you based on the North End 5 Year Plan.

VISIT right now to register!

What’s the North End 5 Year Plan?

In 2011, North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) did a community consultation with various groups ni the community. At the end of those consultations, 9 items were out together as North End priorities. THEN, those 9 priorities were ranked at a feast/feedback session where OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUTH were voted in as the #1 priority for the North End. There were 4 points that were made

  • Local youth groups developed in each of the neighbourhoods
  • Establishment of a North End Youth Council consisting of representatives of the neighbourhood
  • An odd jobs form of programming that matches the needs of community members to odd jobs where young people can contribute and receive compensation and experience, and
  • More organized recreational opportunities for all age groups

At this Youth Forum, you can speak on any of the 4 above issues, why they are or are not important to us and most importantly, what WE as youth in the North End can do to address these issues. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to help shape and decide what actually goes on at the forum because there is a meeting happening THIS THURSDAY (and each Thursday until the Conference begins) happening at 4pm at NECRC office, 509 Selkirk Ave (they will have bus tickets and pizza available).

CLICK HERE to go to the FB event for the planning meeting this Thursday

CLICK HERE to register (for Free) to go to the North End Youth Forum on March 21st

CLICK HERE to “Like” the North End Youth Forum on Facebook

EMAIL HERE [youthforum @ necrc . org] for more information

CALL HERE [ 204 – 927 – 2333] and talk to Zena or Shanley for more information

TUNE IN to CKUW 95.9fm [Inner City Voices] on Mon March 4 @ 5pm to hear some more information on this forum


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