North End Family Centre is moving!

As per email release:

During a community celebration Wednesday afternoon, our Founder and Executive Director, Kyle Mason, announced the family centre’s plan to moved to a nearby building located at 1344 Main.  This new building will triple our space and allow us to grow our ability to offer more community programs and services.

During the announcement, Kyle Mason said to the crowd; “Our current location at 1322 Main is only 1000 sq ft and it is way to small to serve the 1,200 visits we average every month.  We have reached the maximum of what we can do and it’s time to move.”

Our new location will allow us to grow many of our current programs plus add the following:

  • A kitchen to offer food related programs
  • A Learning Centre to provide space for community groups and workshops
  • A multipurpose room that will give the flexibility to offer many different types of activities
  • A dedicated room to offer the community needed items like hygiene items and clothes

The final project budget is yet to be finalized but it is estimated that over $90,000 will be needed for renovations and other project costs.

While speaking about the financial need of the project, Kyle Mason said; “The building requires extensive renovations to suit the community’s needs.  So we are asking the good people of Winnipeg and all of Manitoba to partner with us and support this important project.”  He went on to say; “By strengthening the North End through our programs, we truly believe that it has an impact on the entire city by creating a happier and safer city for us.”

The community is encouraged to visit to make a donation and support the project.

The community, including the media, are also welcomed to call our office at 204-582-7927 to arrange for a tour of both buildings with Kyle Mason and he would be happy answer any questions.

Learn more about the history of the North End Family Centre here.

Learn more about our current programs here.

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