Residents Associations

Faraday Neighbourhood Residents’ Association (Website | Newsletter)

St. John’s Residents’ Association (Website | Newsletter)

Luxton Neighbourhood  (Website | Newsletter)

William Whyte Neighbourhood Residents’ Association (Website | Newsletter)

Dufferin Residents Association of Winnipeg (Website | Newsletter)

Robertson-Mynarski Residents Association (Website | Newsletter)


5 responses to “Residents Associations

  1. Sue

    Hi my name is Sue Hayduk, I love that you have captured our efforts under one banner!
    I am interested in hosting a meeting in September that brings our community group leaders together to collaborate, share neighbourhood projects and to build a support network for our groups.

    Would you be willing to help connect with these group leaders to see if there is interest?
    Sue Hayduk
    VP – Robertson-Mynarski Residents Assoc.

    I will send you a copy of our latest newsletter – we do have a Facebook page-but no website yet…

  2. Angela Young

    Hi, my name is Angela Young, Team Leader for North End Ambassadors. Would like to meet with all the residents respresentatives at a time that is convenient for you or at a community meeting or board meeting (if possible). Please feel free to contact me at, 204-927-2332 or 204-894-0349. Have a great day!

  3. Robert shewchuk/ Sue Hayduk

    The robertson mynarski group meets at the robertson elementary school on the second Tuesday of each month between 7and 9 pm. If you like you can stop by this Tuesday’s meeting to introduce yourself.


  4. Deb

    Good day, how do I get in contact with someone with the Inkster North End Residents Association.

    • Unfortunately I do not have the information for the Inkster residents association. Depending on where you live, you may live within the Inkster-Faraday association boundaries. The link to their website is provided above.

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